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The necessity for comprehensive vending machine programs in Chicago’s schools is more crucial than ever. Understanding the unique needs of students and educational institutions, We provide specialized vending solutions tailored for schools. We work closely with local education authorities to ensure that each school’s specific vending needs are met and that the products available align with the preferences of the students. In addition, we commit ourselves to contributing to a positive school environment. Our vending machines, stocked with a diverse range of products, help create a convenient and enjoyable break time for students.

Smart Snacks - Benefits

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The daily caloric consumption of a child can be up to 25% from snacks alone.

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Kids who adhere to beneficial dietary practices tend to perform better academically.
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Kids tend to consume healthier food and drinks during school hours. Having Smart Snacks available makes the choice for a nutritious alternative straightforward.

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The US government has established Smart Snack Standards for all meals that are not part of the National School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program

If you are interested in having healthier snack options in your vending machine you can visit our other website and learn more about it.
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